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Internal family Systems

Do you want to live a more connected and authentic life? Are you feeling stuck? Are you finding aspects of life difficult or struggling emotionally? It is possible to move beyond life's difficulties and struggles and find peace and happiness through IFS with Yvonne.IFS is a therapeutic approach to healing and self awareness. Through compassionate inquiry into our inner world we can build trust, cultivate understanding and heal the wounded parts of ourselves which can liberate emotional burdens and transform limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns. This gives space for us to show up in our relationships with others, ourselves and the outer world from a place of clarity, connectedness and authenticity.


During an IFS session Yvonne will listen with compassion to what is happening in your life and the challenges you might be facing. She will hold gently your stories and make space for all the parts of you that show up. Yvonne will encourage you to bring an embodied awareness and curiosity to your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and emotions and will ask questions to help you explore your inner world so the motivations and intentions of all the different parts of you can be understood with greater clarity. Yvonne is confident that all parts can be heard safely and anything and everything you bring to the session can be met with compassion and kindness. Within this compassionate and kind space profound healing can happen.

“…as I really listened to that part I could feel the energy turning from ‘dull’ and ‘stuckness’ to ‘free’ and ‘flowing’ soooooo amazing! Such a great discovery and healing moment for me” – Makiko, Japan

About Yvonne

Yvonne is a L2 qualified IFS practitioner , she undertook her official training with the IFS institute and has since taken further professional development courses in addictions, trauma, chronic pain and suicidality. She is passionate about psychology and education having completed her undergraduate degree in psychology and worked for many years in higher education where she holds a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). Yvonne is currently studying a Masters in Psychotherapy but is not a qualified psychotherapist.

What people say ...

"Yvonne, the space you hold in every session has been one of the most potent, loving, healing and therapeutic environments I have ever been in. I feel like I can be myself completely and like all of me is welcome. You've helped me become a much more trusted and loving ally to my parts (which has been changing everything). It feels like I have been making quantum leaps in ways that I have wanted to for so long but hadn't felt reachable until now. I feel such relief in my system and immense gratitude for finding IFS at this point of my journey. Thank you for all your support" - Lisa

Internal Family systems

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Internal family systems (IFS) is an evidence based therapeutic model that has been proven to heal many forms of psychological suffering. Although more than a therapeutic approach, it is a gentle framework and spiritual practice for developing compassion towards ourselves and each other.Central to the model is the idea that we are all made up of a variety of different personality traits and characteristics which all fulfil different roles in our system. IFS calls these different aspects of ourselves 'parts' and each part holds different emotions and behaviours.While many of our parts are content helping us through life, others may be more troubled. Parts sometimes hold on to unwanted emotions and beliefs from negative past experiences. This can lead to internal suffering and behaviour that makes our lives more difficult. In IFS we welcome all our parts with curiosity and compassion. None of our inner parts are inherently bad and as we listen with compassion to their stories we come to realise that all parts are doing their best to keep us safe and protect the system.Once our parts feel heard, understood and appreciated they can soften and relax. From here we can uncover the true essence of ourselves: the compassionate, caring, inner wisdom within us all. This innate inner wisdom IFS calls the Self and is sometimes referred to as our true nature, our soul, inner light, loving awareness, buddha nature, loving kindness or authentic self.This combination of Self and parts makes up our own unique sense of self. IFS can help us reach a place where we are more embracing of who we are and grateful for the hard work of all the parts of us that have got us this far. It’s a gentle journey of self acceptance. By bringing our awareness to this acceptance when it arrives, profound change can happen. As we heal wounded parts of their burdens, liberating them from past behaviours they take on new roles in our system, freeing us to step forward into a more Self-led life. Within this tender Self-leadership real peace can be found.


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Who is IFS for?
IFS is for anyone wanting to cultivate a greater sense of self awareness. It can also help heal the following difficulties: depression, anxiety, low self worth, addictive behaviours, eating disorders, feeling stuck, relationship difficulties, grief, and trauma.

Cost & Duration
All sessions last 55 minutes
Single session £55
Block of 6 sessions £300
Block of 12 'pay what you can afford' sessions

Yvonne believes mental health services should be available to everyone regardless of their ability to afford private therapy. She is happy to offer a block of 12 'pay what you can afford' sessions to one client at a time. Please email Yvonne and she will add you to the waiting list and contact you when the next block becomes available.

Free initial consultation
This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and to see if IFS and the therapeutic relationship feels like the right fit.
All sessions are online using Zoom.
Email: yvonne@yvonnecarron.com
or use the form below

"Wow! Totally unexpected journey there. Amazing! Thank you" - Alexis, UK


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Yvonne can often be found reading, running, or walking in nature with her dog Rosie!Yvonne has always been curious about human behaviour which led her to study her undergraduate degree in psychology and her current MSc in Psychotherapy. Working for many years in higher education she applied this curiosity to how students learn and is passionate about creating learning resources that help students achieve their educational dreams. In 2021 she was awarded a Senior Fellowship in recognition of her leadership and contributions to higher education within a social justice paradigm, in particular, her work in bringing sustainable educational resources to the international development sector across the global south.Yvonne advocates for mental health and well-being in all walks of her life and is a dedicated Samaritans volunteer, where she feels privileged to listen with kindness and compassion to so many people at their most vulnerable, fragile and lost. As a keen learner Yvonne has studied many mental health and well-being courses, and through devouring the compassionate enquiry work of Dr Gabor Mate, Yvonne stumbled across IFS and immediately fell in love with the beautiful and healing simplicity of the model. Since immersing herself in everything IFS it has become so much more than a therapeutic approach, for Yvonne it is a way of life. A spiritual path. A way of showing up and being in this beautiful and complex world.As a lover of words Yvonne would like to leave you with one of her favourite book excerpts:Our survival adaptations are so tough but our wounds are so delicate. To heal we have to lift the armour carefully – it saved our lives after all. It’s like moving your best friend off the path. You don’t trample on her, you don’t hit him with a sledgehammer. You honour her presence like a warm blanket that has kept you safe and sound during wintry times. And then, when the moment is right, you get inside and stitch your wounds with the thread of love, slowly and surely, not rushing to completion, nurturing as you weave tender and true. The healing process has a heart of its own, moving at its own delicate pace. We are such wonderous weavers…” Jeff Brown, from the book Love it forwardGo gently wonderous weavers.


"I feel so grateful and fortunate to have found Yvonne for IFS therapy. I have had a lot of psychotherapy and counselling over many years and it has frequently been triggering. With Yvonne I feel I am always safe and in control. I also feel I can trust Yvonne. IFS has a beautiful and powerful way of never invalidating, minimising or dismissing emotions, thoughts or experiences. Yvonne successfully facilitates this through her deep listening, patience, and by always allowing me to set the pace. Yvonne is gentle, steady, grounded and wise. She communicates clearly and kindly. I think that Yvonne has integrated the IFS model into her own being in a very meaningful and deep way, as a client I benefit from this a lot. I found a lot of hope through IFS sessions with Yvonne. For anyone interested in healing through IFS, I highly recommend working with Yvonne." - Lou"I feel very lucky to have found Yvonne as an IFS therapist, we were a good fit right away so even from the first session we could work on hearing and healing my parts. Yvonne speaks in the language of parts meaning she is conscious to bring her Self energy with plenty of compassion as well as allowing her parts to express curiosity or concern, coming up with great observations, suggestions or questions. Her approach is gentle and reassuring and her voice is soothing and relaxing. I would recommend her without reservation." - Kirsten"Yvonne is a sensitive, compassionate and skilled practitioner. She has a deep and nuanced understanding of the Internal Family Systems model, and her sessions have had a profound healing effect on my system. My parts and I are very grateful to her and I would recommend her in the blink of an eye." - Rory"Working with Yvonne using IFS has been a game changer to say the least! I initially met a few therapists to see who I would resonate with. I found Yvonne very knowledgeable with a nurturing and calming presence. I was given a safe space to really tap into my emotions. Yvonne's patience, non-judgemental and compassionate approach is exactly what I needed especially as I previously struggled to sit with my emotions. For me IFS is subtle but powerful. Over the sessions I noticed positive changes in my behaviour that I can only attribute to IFS and Yvonne. I have also learnt to really trust myself and regularly tap into how I am actually feeling. Once I am aware of what is truly bothering or affecting me I can take the right action moving way from my default reactions. This way of being came as a pleasant surprise outcome of working with IFS. The sessions were emotional for me and I always had tissues on standby. Nevertheless, each session has been a cathartic release and I am seeing and feeling the benefits in my everyday as a result" - Jaz